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ISA International Education Group

Welcome to ISA Science City International School

ISA International Education Group (ISAIEG) has ambitious plans to develop a network of high-quality schools both in China and around the world, supported by a range of education-related services.


Inquire. Discover the wonders in the world

Succeed. Strive to be the best that you can be

Act. Make a positive difference in the world

Our mission is to build a network of exceptional schools strategically located in China and abroad. We are committed to respecting and recognising the strengths of the Chinese culture and language, and blending that with the best practices gathered from around the world. In this way we will prepare our students to be able to study and work anywhere in the world, with one foot firmly grounded in their home culture, while at the same time being confidently prepared to face the world. Our ISA graduates will be culturally respectful, internationally-minded young men and women.

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