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About us

We are an independent Danish company operating from and based in Copenhagen, Denmark. With long experience of working with teachers and international schools, our aim is to develop the world’s smartest and fairest international schools recruitment portal.

What is Inteachers?

There are two sides to Inteachers. As well as gathering your information on this website, we organise it into a recruitment workflow known in the trade as an Application Tracking System.

The school(s) to which you have applied log into this workflow via another website. There, the school’s recruitment team collaboratively assesses, comments upon and manages your application, moving you from longlist stages to shortlist stages and, with luck, beyond.

Both faces of Inteachers are equally important to us. We strive to make both your application and the assessment system fast and easy to use. If we rapidly connect the right teachers with the right schools, and the introduction was pleasant for both sides, we are doing our job properly.

Our promise

The ethical dimension of our work is important to us, and we subscribe to these principles:

  • Teachers will never pay for the service
  • We will always ask a fair price of schools
  • We will continuously improve the service, ploughing profits back into it
  • We prioritise supporting our customers above all other activities
  • Above and beyond our legal obligations, we will treat our teachers’ data with utmost confidentiality

Your opinion

While constantly improving the system by observing site usage and responding to support requests, we are always interested to hear your opinion on how we might improve it. So if you have any suggestions on what we could do better, please email us at We look forward to hearing from you.

The legal bit

Inteachers ApS is the company which developed Inteachers and which wholly owns it. It is a private company (registration number 38978527) limited by shares, registered on 2nd October, 2017, in Denmark.

VAT/MOMS registration number is: DK38978527.
Registered address: Esromgade 15 5, 2200, Copenhagen, Denmark.

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