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Malvern College International

Welcome to Malvern College International 

Malvern College International (MCI) is a family of schools each of which has its origins in Malvern College, a leading independent school in the United Kingdom. MCI schools offer internationally recognised academic programmes and embed the specific features of a Malvern College education, the ethos and values, whilst providing an education provision reflective of the cultural context in which each school operates. Each school focuses on helping students achieve their full potential, wherever their talents may lie, and preparing them for a university education in any English speaking country in the world.

About Malvern College International 

Malvern College opened its first overseas school, Malvern College Qingdao, in September 2012, with Malvern College Chengdu opening in September 2015. Malvern College Egypt opened in September 2016, and will be closely followed in 2017 by the opening of Malvern College Pre School Hong Kong and by Malvern College Hong Kong in 2018.

Please visit our website for full details about MCI and our family of schools

Available jobs

We advertise new vacancies throughout the year.  Please check back again soon.  

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