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British International School Riyadh

PGCE Student - Senior School

Applications for this job are closed

Important dates

Closing date of applications
3 March 2019
Start date
1 September 2019
Date Contract Ends
30 June 2019

Job details

Ages 11-18 / Secondary
English National
Positions available
Contract type
Fixed / Renewable
Vacancy type
Full Time


1 or more years experience

For many years, the British School has supported individuals wishing to train as teachers in Riyadh. This has been done in partnership with Sunderland University. We are very committed to continuing to extend this service to the local community and hence invite potential candidates to apply.

There are some essential criteria that must be fulfilled before an application would be considered and these are:

 You must hold a degree relevant to the section you wish to train in from a recognised university. This would mean for example that a person wishing to train in Secondary Maths should have a Maths degree or a degree with a heavy Maths content e.g. engineering. There are some exceptions to this and you should contact Sunderland directly for clarification as they will be the final arbiter in this matter. A person wishing to train in Primary has more flexibility as almost all degrees would be considered. You may need to have your qualification equivalency carried out by Naric to ensure you meet this criteria if your degree is not from a University in UK/some European Universities/US/Canada/South Africa/New Zealand /Australia. Our HR team would be able to advise you if this is needed.

 Your proficiency in spoken and written English must be very good. You will need to prove this through presenting a qualification to show you have achieved an acceptable standard e.g. a UK GCSE certificate (grade C-A*) or at least a score of 6.5 (but preferably higher) in the IELTS.

 You must be able to deliver lessons in English.

 You must have GCSE Maths at grade C-A* or a similar qualification.

 Primary candidates must hold a GCSE in Science (whilst not necessary for the Sunderland course, it is a requirement for QTS which can be gained at a later date with this qualification).

 You must be able to provide an enhanced police clearance certificate to comply with our Safeguarding policy before the potential place is taken up. Our HR team will provide guidance on this.


There are a limited number of places in both Primary (usually no more than 4) and Secondary (max of 1 per subject and 3-4 in all). It is a requirement for all teachers wishing to embark on initial training to have an interview before being offered a place so please expect this: dates to be confirmed, but we are aiming to have these completed by the end of March and offers made by 11th April, to allow time to apply to Sunderland. It is important that you have a teaching practice place confirmed before you apply to the University (deadline is approx. 30th June). The school does not undertake to provide funding towards your University costs and there will be an additional charge of 10000SAR for providing the placement/support in the school – this cost will be refunded if you then take a position in the school, in any capacity, once you have completed a 1 year contract. Any courses you may be offered whilst on your placement will also be at your own cost, but they are not compulsory and if you chose not to attend, it would not affect your ability to pass the course.

The PGCE course is very demanding as several components often happen concurrently and time management, good organisation and commitment will be important skills to have. You will:

 Have many assignments to complete.

 Have two teaching practice sessions where you have to plan lessons in great detail, mark work and reflect on your performance.

 Have to gather evidence to demonstrate you have met the required teaching standards; this will require you to be very organised.

 Be expected to take a full role within the school including duties, form tutor and staff meetings.  Have regular meetings with your mentor and regular, at least weekly, observations during the teaching practice phases.


Applications should be submitted by the end of school on Thursday 28th February and should take the form of a letter with your CV – you will also need to provide references and complete a safeguarding document as part of the application process. This should be submitted through the In-teachers portal – please use the relevant link dependant on whether you are applying for a Primary of Senior placement.

PGCE Senior School -

PGCE Primary School -

Please address the following questions when composing your letter:

 Why do you want to train as a teacher?

 What is your philosophy for education?

 What skills do you have that would make you a person suited to a teaching career?

 How do you intend to manage the work load?

Please note that if you are currently working in the school, e.g. as a TA, you will need to take a sabbatical from your post for the full year of the PGCE, as the time you will need for your Teaching Practice cannot be covered and this leaves the school in a difficult position. If you do not secure a teaching position at the end of the course, your TA post will be made available to you once more. A word of warning, there are two UK Universities that appear to offer an iPGCE; Sunderland and Nottingham. Only the Sunderland course leads to a teaching qualification – the Nottingham course is a CPD only as there is no assessed teaching practice element. Neither course gives direct QTS status however, the Sunderland course is sufficient for employment as a teacher in many International schools world-wide. To work in the UK, you would have to complete a further 13 week assessment to gain QTS status once you have worked for 2 years. If you require any further information, please contact me before the deadline date at

Yours sincerely,

Clare Hunter Head of Senior School & PGCE Coordinator

How to apply for a position at BISR

Please provide a supporting statement and please bear in mind the following guidance:

  • Explain why you are applying for this position. Is because of push or pull factors?. Please identify the single most significant reason for making the application.
  • Explain in what ways your expertise and experience makes you a strong candidate for this role. What have you done professionally up to this point in your life which makes you special?
  • How do you think you would be able to support our Mission and REACH motto?
  • Describe a good lesson you delivered recently, and explain why you think it was good and how it exemplified your own definition of quality learning (Teachers Only).
  • Do you think a school can be British and International? How do you think this is achieved?
  • What do you want to be doing in five years time, and if appointed to a post at BISR, how do you think we can help you develop professionally?

All referee details needs to be submitted at the time of the application. We require three professional referees one of which must include the current head teacher. We regret we are unable to accept applications via email at this time.


BISR believes very strongly in the role of the school in safeguarding children and young people.  All staff, whatever their role in the school, will require to undergo rigorous background checks before commencing employment.

Closing date

The individual closing dates are listed below (next to each vacancy). Early applications prior to the closing date are encouraged as the School will shortlist on a rolling basis.

We very much look forward to receiving you application.

Teachers who work at BISR should have


  • Qualified Teacher status;
  • Certificate of Education, First degree or equivalent;
  • Training or qualification relevant to the post.


  • An appreciation of the demands of a British school in an international context ;and an acceptance that contribution to the extra-curricular life of the school is essential. Teachers contribute to the success of the House system;
  • An appreciation of the importance of international understanding;
  • Experience of working in various contexts both in the UK and internationally.


  • Experience of teaching within Key Stage or subject;
  • Willingness to work closely with colleagues in preparing for teaching and learning;
  • Experience of positive behaviour management strategies;
  • Experience of planning for children with Special Educational Needs and Gifted and Talented children;
  • Experience of curriculum development, monitoring and assessment;
  • Experience of working with second language students or prepared to undertake training.

Skills and Abilities

  • A detailed knowledge of the English national curriculum;
  • Ability to organise a stimulating learning environment and demonstrate excellent creative teaching skills;
  • Good organisation of recording and evaluating progress;
  • Show good communication skills when working with pupils, parents and colleagues;
  • Effective skills in managing and organising own time and directing deployment of teaching assistants;
  • Good ICT skills to be effective in your job;
  • An understanding of Assessment for Learning Strategies and use of this to inform future planning;
  • The desire to develop knowledge of the curriculum above and below the preferred key stage;

Personal Qualities

  • Warmth and sense of humour;
  • Flexibility;
  • Enthusiasm;
  • Team player;
  • Commitment to continuing professional development;
  • Willingness to be involved in extra curricular activities and events and engage in all aspects of school life;
  • High expectations of yourself and of children;
  • First class communication skills;
  • Empathy with pupils, colleagues, parents and visitors;
  • You must be a glass half-full person!

Equal Opportunities

  • Ability to promote equal opportunities with respect to race, gender and disability

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